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We founded MoBerries to revolutionise the old-fashioned recruitment business.

Our purpose is not just value creation for job seekers and employers — it is to re-shape the global labor market itself.

What job seekers do today is cast a wide net of employment applications of varying relevance. They spend countless hours formatting their CV, surfing job boards, and crafting elaborate profiles in hopes of being noticed amongst the crowd. Meanwhile, much of what human resource managers do is sifting through and screening the same candidates as their counterparts in other firms.

We wanted to stop this nonsense and allow HR managers to bypass this process by presenting them only the most fitting pre-screened candidates for their positions. At the same time we eliminated the need for candidates to keep applying.

At MoBerries, we are developing tools to navigate the bounty of choice that seems to characterize the labor market on both the supply and demand side. We are helping both sides find the signal in the noise.

There is an incredible amount of information in the 21st century job market, and MoBerries turns it into knowledge to empower all stakeholders.


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