Learn About Your Professional Skills With This Free Test

Have you ever wondered what your professional strengths and opportunities for further  career development are? Did you always want to get deeper insights about how your individual knowledge, abilities, skills, interest and personality are intertwined to make you the talent you are today? Or, are you still trying to find the right path to your professional fulfilment but do not know which direction to choose?

We bring you all the answers in cooperation with The ROC Research Institute

Our team is proud to announce that we have now made a research-based professional competency test available to all the actively looking job-seekers out there completely free of charge! Having teamed up with The ROC Research Institute, which utilises research methods of a collaboration between longtime experienced personnel consultants of the Great-8-Tachometer and the Department of Psychological Diagnostics from the Humboldt University of Berlin, MoBerries is providing you with a priceless opportunity that will change the way you see yourself and help you identify better career opportunities.


This 30 minute professional competency test is designed to throw a spotlight on what you do best and why, as well as where your biggest opportunities for further growth are. The G8T research approach focuses on measuring your professional-success-determining predictors through a so-called Forced Choice method test. Based on the answers you provide in the questionnaire, the intersections of eight different occupational competency fields are being analysed, providing you with a detailed report about your professional capabilities. The eight mentioned adeptness categories examined via this exercise are:

  • Leadership & Decisions
  • Support & Cooperation
  • Interaction & Presentation
  • Analysis & Interpretation
  • Creation & Conceptualization
  • Organization & Execution
  • Adaptability & Coping
  • Entrepreneurship & Performance

After successful completion of the test, you can sign-up on the MoBerries platform. Your individual test results are provided shortly after your registration, giving you valuable insights about your personal characteristics within the above listed competency fields.

Especially when seeking a new job, what could be better than learning about your professional strengths and knowing which abilities you can develop further?

Find out which skills set YOU apart NOW!



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