Plan Ahead For 2018 – Between Hiring Plans & Candidate Satisfaction

As the new year is approaching faster than expected, we all need to think about our Hiring Plans for 2018. Planning and staying ahead of HR trends is key to be able to meet the ever evolving candidate needs. In fact, the importance of Candidate Experience continues to increase in 2018.

A vital part of staying ahead of your hiring efforts is balancing your company’s needs and candidate satisfaction to ensure smooth hiring. For this, you need to plan who you need and when you need them.

To make at least the “who” part a bit easier for you, we created an overview of which type of candidates are currently actively job-seeking within the MoBerries network.


In this illustration you can see that you should not be worried about finding that new Sales or Marketing talent you need for next year. Additionally, we have quite a large amount of Administration, Finance, Data and Creative candidates within our network.

As soon as you pick who you need for your team, you can start taking care of your candidate experience. Main guidelines are to ensure that the hiring time does not take too long and applicants stay informed about their application status. Here are some facts about how important candidate experience has become:

  • 60% of candidates have quit an application process due to its length or complexity
  • 72% of job seekers have shared their application experience on an online employer review site
  • The chance of candidates re-applying to your company is 3.5 times more likely when they are being notified about the application status
  • 87% of candidates claim that a positive interview experience can change the way they think about a company or role, while
  • 83% of talent say that a negative interview experience would make them reconsider their application

No matter how time-consuming communication with your rejected candidates might be, you never know which skills your rejected candidates gather in the future, transforming them from unwanted into highly desired talent.

Once you know who you want to hire in 2018 and what arrangements your company has to make in order to increase your candidate satisfaction, you will notice the implementation of your hiring plan is becoming more efficient.

Already have positions in mind? Upload them or start your free trial now!




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