Now is Your Time to Find a Better Job

Did you know that even the job hunt follows seasons?

While you might think that companies will always be on the lookout for new talent and chances of getting a new job are always the same throughout the year, this is only partly true. Hiring strongly depends on company budgets as well as the people responsible for hiring. In the recruitment industry, these are called recruitment cycles.

For most people, every New Year starts with New Year’s resolutions. In many cases this means that they are looking for a new job. Even though you might want to jump right into the application process on January 2nd, be aware that many Human Resources Managers might still be on vacation. Companies allocate their annual hiring budgets in the beginning of each year, making everything from mid-January until late spring very attractive months for your job application.

Avoid looking for a job in the summer, unless you are looking for seasonal jobs. We at MoBerries noticed that around two third of Hiring decision-makers go on vacation during summer time. People with families need to consider school holidays, making summer the perfect season for a get-away. Companies plan ahead the so-called “summer gap”, trying to spend their hiring budget ideally before summer.

In late summer and beginning of fall, Hiring Managers often feel pressured. They did not spend their whole hiring budget yet and do not want to risk losing the allocated hiring budgets for the following year. They also want to avoid their hiring falling into the festive season in winter.

We cannot recommend December for your job search, hence now is the best time if you want to start your new journey before this year is over. Similar to summer, people tend to spend time with their families, especially as it gets closer to Christmas. Budget-wise many companies also cannot afford hiring many more people.

The best times we can therefore recommend for finding new and exciting job opportunities are either spring or fall. Fresh budgets promise a higher chance of being considered at your desired company and you will most-likely get the Human Resources Manager’s full attention. So, better go and get on with those applications now!

Wondering how to increase your chances of landing your dream job? Read our tips about CV & Co. here.

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