Combining Expertise With The Best Matchmakers

Berlin is the fastest growing Startup hub in Europe. A joint collaboration with Berlin Partner as well as two of the city’s leading executive recruitment firms 42 matches & Zartis, MoBerries is leveraging their smart candidate filter to attract and place more talent within the ecosystem.

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.” – Michael Jordan

MoBerries’ commitment to making the job marketplace more transparent and accessible for candidates made this the ideal partnership. Berlin is currently experiencing an oversaturation of recruiters which is normal for any city experiencing growth. Therefore, working with prominent partners is pivotal to the MoBerries vision of not only making the job market accessible but easier to navigate.

75% of HR Managers utilise either a recruiting software or an ATS service. The demand for recruitment solutions is ever increasing as it becomes more difficult to attract, screen, and hire the right talent. Over two third of recruiters claim that a lack of skilled candidates is the largest obstacle to hiring in 2017. At the same time, the offering for recruiting solutions on the market is increasing almost daily.

MoBerries and Berlin Partner teamed up to create a knowledge-sharing environment, which aims at leveraging strengths of each individual recruitment service provider. Talent Berlin is helping job-seekers find opportunities in Berlin. They not only work with some of the most influential companies but also support candidates by helping them navigate the jungle that is the living, work and lifestyle of one of the world’s most cosmopolitan cities.

About our partners:

Zartis offers an all-round package of extended Development Teams, to help companies build engineering teams in Europe without any hassle.

42matches is your go-to solution for tech recruitment, hunting down tech talent and connecting them with startups all over Europe.


Talent Berlin is an integral part of Berlin’s ever-growing tech scene and therefore continues to attract talent from around the world on a daily basis. Due to the high-volume number of candidates landing in their pool daily, they needed to find a better way of distributing their candidates to the most suitable partner companies, while ensuring the highest candidate quality.

This is where MoBerries comes in. Thanks to the smart filter algorithm, MoBerries can pre-select talent in real-time on a much larger scale, resulting in a selection of suitably skilled candidates rather than the focus on a bulk number of candidates. One of the most understated thing in recruitment is, how the search criteria evolves over span of hiring. The key is to rely on search based feedback for better scoping and targeting talent. Once MoBerries’ algorithm generates suitable candidates, they go to 42matches for final review. Based on the feedback given into the system, MoBerries’ system auto adjusts the filters to fit the changes of the search.

Tech recruitment is a specialty of its own, companies often seek a strong provider able to assist with attracting, selecting and on-boarding tech talent. 42matches is additionally offering their partners to take care of visa and any relocation issues. As they receive the matches from the MoBerries network, they can decide which of those best fit the partners’ requirements. Thanks to this three-part operation, candidate profiles now undergo a smart matching process, resulting in faster and more accurate results for the end company.

Zartis specialises in acquiring and distributing talent to their partner companies in accordance with their suitability for very specific roles. Those candidates not being recruited by Zartis’ partners are now flowing back into the MoBerries network, providing them further opportunities amongst other partner firms.

Candidates are more powerful than ever – they should really view themselves as their own HR department handling their own personal brand. HR is the new PR – who you hire has a big impact on how people view your firm. It is essential for companies to find new ways to provide added value to a candidate even if they are not suitable. The provision of job opportunities even after a rejection is priceless.

The partnership between MoBerries and Berlin Partner consists of four strong companies, aligning their knowledge towards streamline processes. Everyone does what they do best and are able to accelerate the path to faster hiring. Not only does the end company get faster and precise results –  no candidate is left lost in the market. This win win is at the heart of what drives this cooperation.


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