How To Land Your Dream Job

Did you know that an estimated 3.9 million executive leaders will probably retire in 2017? That means: Now is your time to move up the career ladder!  

If you are still stuck in the application process and do not know how to actually get the attention of HR decision makers, this article is for you. We have collected the most important tips on how to stand out of the crowd, which we gathered from constant collaboration with Germany’s top HR Managers.

What can I do?

Give HR Managers a reason to invite you to the interview!

An HR Manager receives around 250 applications for a single job opening. They spend a maximum of 10 minutes reviewing your application, let alone you managed to spark their interest in the first place. This is why you need to have a spotless CV (yes, we mean no! Grammar mistakes), not only in terms of content but also aesthetics.

Your CV is the ultimate piece of document giving your future employer the first impression of who you are and what you’ve achieved. Key is finding the right balance between completeness and overloading. Check our guideline to writing a good CV here.

OMG, I made it?!

First round interviews can be stressing, especially if you really want the job. But did you know that sometimes, even the HR Managers are nervous? In 2017 we have a serious war over talent, so HR Managers will want to convince you of their company as well.

No matter your seniority, preparation is everything when it comes to interviews. Do your homework and learn the key data about the company – know their competitors and most importantly: know why you (and no one else) will be essential to drive their growth. The topic of company culture is becoming evermore important, which is why HR decision makers will most likely test you on how well you will fit in the team and how your values match with theirs. Luckily, when you have a candidate profile on MoBerries, our algorithm is already calculating which type of company you will most likely be a fit to.

“When it comes to connecting top companies to talents, I directly think about my great experience with MoBerries.” – Félix, former candidate of MoBerries.

Decisions, Decisions….

If you followed our tips so far, you will probably already have one or a few job offers on the table. Making the decision if the job and company are right for you are unfortunately not universal.

Follow your passion, but most importantly: choose the opportunity that best places you for growth. In your interview, make sure to ask for your own benefits of joining the company. Ask for upcoming challenges in the job and what will be expected of you on a daily basis. This information will provide you with a pretty good idea on how happy you will be in the job.

“I must say that all the positions offered on the network have been targeted from the beginning towards my skills and wishes. I am definitely going to recommend Moberries to other friends who search for jobs.” – Roberta, former candidate of MoBerries.

At MoBerries we try to find the best available opportunity for each individual candidate. We aim to make the job market more transparent, enabling you to know exactly what is out there and what your chances of success are. You can easily register in under 5 minutes here.



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