Advice From The Experts: How To Strengthen Your Employer Branding and Increase Candidate Satisfaction Within One Year

Big and popular companies are struggling to make every candidate happy. This is normal as not every applicant can get their desired position when it is so high in demand. The name of the company speaks for itself, which is why they are receiving plenty of applications. Find out how our partner company is defining their Employer Branding by putting the candidates first.

We spoke to Sandra Munoz, the HR Projects Associate at Arvato SCM Solutions, about how they live up to their well-established employer branding and managed to increase their candidate satisfaction by 80% within only one year.

Challenge #1: Staying On Top Of Your Employer Branding

Employer Branding is becoming evermore important as around 69% of candidates would not consider a job at a company with a bad reputation. Candidate reviews are spreading like wildfire and studies have proven that HR is becoming like Marketing. When recruiting, companies need to have a strong position in the market as they are twice as likely to receive responses from candidates. As as addition, employees tend to stay longer at a company with a strong employer brand.

“We at Arvato offer very competitive benefits and renumeration packages, which is why the competition to get a job offer is big and expectations towards candidates are high”, explains Sandra. The company has established a high popularity amongst applicants by firstly, being backed up by famous Bertelsmann, but more important secondly offering fair conditions to every applicants. MoBerries supports their recruiting efforts by making sure the rush demand to their vacancies is getting filtered, enabling the company to spend time on the talent that stands a realistic chance in their recruiting process.

Challenge #2: Making Everyone Happy

Often, the focus in recruiting only lies on the candidates that fit a position. Strongly branded companies receive many hundred applications. In the end, only one talent will usually get the chance to work in the job, leaving many good candidates on the market. It is a balancing act in nowadays recruiting to reject candidates. Due to legal regulations, companies are restricted to name specific rejection reasons, resulting in same-patterned rejections to talent that actually is skilled. The talent feels unwanted, which might consequently lead to negative word-to-mouth.

At MoBerries we live the motto: Sharing is Caring. Within the network, every partner is recommending all unneeded candidates to join the network in order to receive other suitable job opportunities from partners that need to fill their positions. Arvato SCM Solutions has discovered that by referring their rejected candidates to join MoBerries, they are providing people a second chance. The result was an outstanding response from candidates, thanking the company for taking care of them, even after rejection. 

“We were able to increase our candidate satisfaction by 80% since we joined MoBerries, and by that discovered an innovative way how to further strengthen our employer branding” – Sandra Munoz

Arvato SCM Solutions has not only hired people from the MoBerries network but was also able to bring value to people interested in joining the company. By utilising the referral where candidates need it most, they can give back the trust people place in them as a strong company.

Want to increase your candidate satisfaction as well? Start your free trial now! 

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