Are you recruiting talent for a niche market? When it comes to attracting a specific audience in areas like FinTech, E-Commerce or Retail, it is essential to know where to look for talent and how to approach them.

Gabriella Cheston, the Recruiting Coordinator at CrossLend, a FinTech company in Berlin, spoke to us about the two main challenges she faces when establishing her own talent pool and building a network that you can tap into whenever in need.

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Interview Partner: Gabriella Cheston
Employees: 51-100

CrossLend is a cross-border, marketplace-lending platform that specializes in flexible refinancing via a capital market structure. It also offers cross-border credit intermediation through cooperation with CrossLend’s partner bank.

“Being new in the FinTech industry means getting used to recruiting in a niche market. To fill the positions, you mostly need to gather talent with previous FinTech experience, combined with the skills needed for the job. I have tried different recruiting services, but they never went into the right direction”, explains Gabriella, “So I went to try MoBerries instead”.

Challenge #1: Sourcing People

In a niche market, like FinTech, the talent you are looking for is within a specific audience. Attracting that audience and enthusing them for your company can become challenging. Building an employer brand becomes evermore important. In addition, 75% of professionals on the market are passive candidates, which makes it increasingly difficult to filter out the active ones.

Solution #1: Actively-looking Candidates

Having a platform with over 80% actively-looking candidates takes away the pain of passive professionals. Each candidate is being matched by an algorithm that ensures niche audiences are being connected with niche market companies. Gabriella explains: “MoBerries is attracting the right audience and offers tailor-made matches within a vast network”.


Challenge #2: Building A Network, Quickly

Knowing the right people, not only in recruiting but in any other industry, is key to build a network. Hiring increasingly happens through personal referrals that enable you to snag the talent you need before it is off the market. In fact, 46% of recruiters agree that the biggest obstacle to attracting talent is finding it in high-demand talent pools.

Solution #2: Referral System

Sharing is caring within the MoBerries network. The transparent talent pool grows by referrals of each partner company and redirects the talent according to open positions. Gabriella described: “I love the speed and efficiency of MoBerries. The algorithm does the work for me and I can build my own network of high-quality candidates. Even when I do not end up hiring them, I am connected to the talent long-term.”

“I did not have a network in FinTech before working with MoBerries” – Gabriella Cheston

CrossLend, ever since joining MoBerries in June 2017, has hired three candidates and saw over 70 profiles within two months of membership. Gabriella has built herself a network by relying on the technology behind MoBerries.

Want to build your own talent network? Start your free trial now! 

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