The average start-up in Germany hires 5-15 employees per year. Imagine how quickly these hiring needs add up when hiring for multiple companies at once.

Jana Rokossa, the Head of HR at MAKERS, who has been utilizing MoBerries since October 2016, shares how being part of the MoBerries network supports her multi-tasking hiring strategy.

jana rokossa

Interview Partner: Jana Rokossa

Employees: 100-150

With providing a strong community of entrepreneurs, investors and experts, MAKERS is helping digital innovators to build their companies.

Currently, MAKERS is offering operational and financial support to nine portfolio companies from industries such as AdTech and Real-Estate.

Challenge #1: Attracting Talent

In the market that is becoming more candidate driven, big and well-known companies are still receiving more applications than small ones. Studies show that 40% of job seekers claim that market reputation plays a big role when deciding for a company.

Solution #1: Visibility

By offering a smart matching algorithm, candidates within the MoBerries network are getting all matching positions displayed. Jana says, “Our positions are popular on MoBerries” as size or fame of a partner company do not play into account of the matching score. The positions are made visible to all suitable candidates.


Challenge #2: Finding Qualified People

It is especially difficult to find qualified applicants with the right industry experience for all of our different portfolios” explains Jana. Smaller companies are hiring for the right talent that needs to offer a perfect mix between skill and industry experience as every team member is vital for further growth.

Solution #2: Quality Matching

Besides matching hard skills, the evaluation of a match within MoBerries also depends on the candidates’ industry experience. MoBerries focuses on hiring for quality rather than quantity, ensuring that every partner is receiving exactly what they are looking for.

Ever since joining MoBerries, the MAKERS’ portfolios assessed over 170 candidate profiles and are receiving support for over 8 urgent positions per month. They have hired long-term team additions, are centralizing all positions from the portfolios on one platform and can focus more on the actual selection than attraction of candidates.

Are you looking to hire for multiple companies as well? Start your free trial!

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