3 Tips on How To Find the Right Cultural Fit For Your Company

Finding skilled talent is a challenge on it’s own. But finding people that fulfill the official requirements from your job description and that fit your company culture, can become a quite time consuming matter.

We collected three tips for you, that we follow at MoBerries as well, on how you can find long-term employees that you will love working with and drive you value.

Think About Your Basketball Team

“Consider your team as your favorite Basketball team”, explains Mo Moubarak, Co-Founder and Head of Business Development @MoBerries.

People have different strengths, skills as well as roles to fill. For example you will need finesse players as well as players willing to do the dirty work to be successful. It is key to try balancing them out in order to become the company you have in mind. It does not matter if you have a 5-person or 50-person team, everyone should work well together and act in the company’s best interest.

basketball team

💡 Studies show that the compatibility between a company and its employees positively influences employee retention, which in return affects overall satisfaction. Thus it strengthens the team, especially in times of change within a company lifecycle.💡


Go For Values

Find people who care about the company’s success, not their own.

Mo describes: “You can teach everything, but you can not teach heart, I personally like to be successful and do not care about who gets the credit.”

This is especially important when in growth stage, a company has to rely on every single team member, making it increasingly important to find people who are committed to the bigger picture and care about joint success.

team meeting

Roll The Dice On People

When recruiting talent, we know how tempting it is to hire the one person who fits your job perfectly over the other that just started their career. This of course depends on the role and the level of seniority needed. The world has changed, we do not just value IQ, however EQ is becoming more and more sought after. This link here provides further insight on the five categories of emotional intelligence.

In the mainstream, EQ is recognised as street-smarts.

“When reading between the lines of a CV, you will find unique motivating factors of a person. I am interested in the path they chose, maybe struggling at one point or the other, and I truly care about the journey one takes prior to applying. Motivation & hustle show themselves in various ways on a CV. Thus why I sometimes say to not disregard the interesting fact or hobby section on a CV –  It helps some recruiters better understand you”, says Mo.

Being the first in the market to roll the dice on people also means that you can positively influence their development.

“Nothing makes me more proud than being the first to roll the dice on talent.”

rolling the dice

It can be quite a challenge to find a cultural fit for your team. There will never be a guarantee that your decision is right in the long-term. But if you move away from only considering hard skills, you will most likely have a better chance of finding people who truly drive you value.

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