The most in-demand Marketing jobs in Germany in 2017

Digital skills are in demand like never before, and this is highly apparent in the latest hiring trends. Looking at the data from 2016 and the beginning of 2017, we can see that 17% of total openings are for marketing professionals.

However, it is even more impressive how digital marketers are highly sought after, being by far the most hired type of marketing professional in the last years. In fact, digital marketing jobs represent 91% of all the marketing openings surveyed.

Digital Marketing jobs still on the rise in 2017

marketing jobs

The digital marketing expertise that lead the pack in 2017 are respectively Content Marketing, Performance Marketing and Social Media Marketing. This doesn’t come as a surprise since the trend of the last years has seen Content Marketing becoming the biggest player in the digital game, in spite of SEO.

marketing jobs

This is a direct consequence of the latest Google algorithm updates aimed at discouraging black hat SEO practices in favor of more quality oriented content strategies. This pushed the majority of companies to invest more on the quality of their content strategies, which results in a 17.5% of total job openings for content marketing positions.

Performance Marketing and Social Media Marketing represent respectively 14.5% and 13.1% of total marketing positions, while relatively new positions such as Growth Hacker are becoming increasingly in-demand particularly for small sized start ups.

Most sought-after languages for Marketing jobs in Germany

languages marketing germany

Predictably, English and German lead our list representing respectively 82.4% and 63.6% of our total job opening languages. This data shows once again how mastering the German language will increase your chances of success in the local job market, while it is undeniable how English is still the most important language for expats to land a job in Germany.

There is also a noticeably high number of Dutch speaking job offers, the next behind French on our database, while Spanish and Italian confirm their spot among the most in-demand languages in Germany. Nordic languages, particularly Swedish and Danish, are on the rise as well, despite having relatively small populations.

What level of experience is most in demand?

career level marketing

For most roles, people with 2-4 years of experience are most in demand, particularly when it comes to marketing strategy. Those hiring for SEO and Performance Marketing roles are the most likely to require Senior level professionals, whilst if you have no experience and are looking to break into the sector, Content Marketing and Social Media Marketing jobs are the most likely to take entry level applicants.

So if you’re a marketer looking to increase your skills to get a foot up on the career ladder, you’ll probably want to consider developing your skills in those areas.

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